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Reminder: Today's the day!

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood! And what better way to top it off than with some good ol' fashioned community engagement?

Come on down to Municipal Hall at 1600 Mills Road, anytime between 5 and 8 PM this evening, and let staff and council know your thoughts on what makes North Saanich the wonderful place it is. Like, you know, the total dearth of condos.*

If you'd like a refresher on why this important, we've got you covered!

We hope to see you there!


Your friends & neighbours at SaveNorthSaanich

*Except that one near the high school. Which you could buy into at this very moment, incidentally. And density = affordability, right? It's simple math, they keep telling us. And that project crammed 54 units into three acres, so these must be a steal! Line up here folks, and take your pick of any of the three currently-available units - listed at an average of $623 per square foot. Doesn't exactly seem affordable, but it must be a little bit more bang for your buck than a house on a piece of land, right? Just for fun, let's do some simple math of our own and apply that dense-housing pricing to a standard one acre lot. Let's see.....$623 times 43,560 square feet equals a listing price of.....oh. $28 million.

Apples to oranges, sure. But both those things are fruit, just like both comparisons above are places to live. And you can bet there ain't a $600 difference between an apple and an orange. Not even at Whole Foods.



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