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Hello, neighbours!

This is a friendly reminder that

Polls are open!

You can vote TODAY at Municipal Hall

From 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM

(Don't forget the appropriate identification!)

Please don’t miss this opportunity to elect

Kristine Marshall

An outstanding person and an extraordinary candidate.

For more on Kristine, click here.

Your next - and final - chance to vote will be this coming Saturday, July 8.

Same times, same place.

A lot of people are talking about the new Housing Supply Act, the provincial government’s deranged plan to bring a little bit of Langford to every back yard,

in municipalities which have consistently exercised their democratic rights

in opposition to that very thing.

And some people are panicking.

“Pave it to save it!!!”

they say.

Here in North Saanich, Candidate Lay claims that “the only question now is whether we will have a made-in-North-Saanich approach to development that we control, or whether we will have development based on provincial targets and directives”.

Ryan Lay says that “referencing the regional growth strategy and urban containment boundaries as if they can forestall development” is something that

“needs to be corrected”.

But a great piece by former veteran provincial land planner Alan Osborne offers a more informed view of how this provincial sabre-rattling is likely to play out, informed by Alan’s 35 years or so of inside-government experience.

(You can read about his remarkable credentials here.)

We’d prefer someone who will fight tooth and nail to save this place,

rather than roll right over the moment we pop up on the provincial “naughty list”.

Wouldn’t you?

So please, if you do nothing else

between now and 8:00 PM Saturday,


and help to




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