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After the smoke clears

Well, you did it.

North Saanich seems to be safe . . . at least for the next four years.

Turns out that what has since 2020 been frequently dismissed, often sneeringly, as

"a loud minority"

proved to be an overwhelming majority at the ballot box: The six candidates supported by SaveNorthSaanich

topped the next six candidates by some 66%,

while Mayor-elect Peter Jones garnered more votes

than his opponents combined. The candidates who we believe will protect this wonderful place

have a strong majority on council.

And a strong mandate, too.

The swearing-in ceremony is tomorrow, November 7, at 2:00 at Municipal Hall. (From the notification that went out, you may have wondered if the public is allowed to attend in person. But get this: not only is it allowed - we hear there's cake.)

As for SaveNorthSaanich, we're going to stick around to help make sure folks hear about news that's important to this precious municipality. And if you come upon something we should hear about, please let us know: there will inevitably be more pots to stir, and we'll be ready with the spurtle, at Until then, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for reading the webpage Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for forwarding, donating, defending. Thank you for seeing beyond the spin. Thank you for keeping yourselves informed. Thank you for paying attention. Thanks to all of you for Saving North Saanich. From your grateful friends and neighbours, Don, Paige and Alice



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