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This place is precious.

As every resident knows, North Saanich is one of the best places on earth. There are so many things that make it precious. The views over the water. The driftwood on the beach. All that green farmland. The trees, the parks and trails, the air, the sense of ease. The wide open spaces. For all these reasons and more, some 12,000 people have chosen to make North Saanich their home.

Do you like the way North Saanich is today?

The gentle feeling of a small, rural community? Room to raise gardens, animals and children? The quiet, the privacy? Two stop lights, both at the ferry terminal?

Then you should know that, right now at Municipal Hall, they are planning a new future for this place we call home. Ideas that have been batted around by staff and their Vancouver-based consultants include extending the Urban Containment Boundary to include parts of North Saanich, and encouraging multi-family housing developments throughout the McTavish area and the areas near the North Saanich Marina.

What sort of future do you want for North Saanich?

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